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What if I'm looking for a product that isn't listed?
  You should Contact us! We have an extensive selection of ostomy supplies. While most products are already listed, we will probably be able to find any current ostomy supplies available in the US. We also might be able to access the last of any discontinued supplies that might be available.
Do you have a catalog that you can mail?
  No, sorry! We do not have a printed catalog. Is there something we can help you find? Please Contact us
Can I get a sample?
  No, sorry! We are a retailer and we do not have access to any sample products.
Where can I find these products?
  Right here! These products may be difficult to find in your area. That's why we make them available to you here! You may be able to find them in your area, but we do not have any specific information about that. Sorry!
Can I get an MSDS (material safety data sheet)?
  Not from us. Sorry! We are a retailer and we do not have that product information.