Coloplast 10566 SenSura® Mio Flex Skin Barrier, 50mm Coupling, 1-1/8 inch (28mm) Stoma Opening, Box of 5

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Coloplast SenSura® Mio Flex Pre-Cut Skin Barrier, 1-1/8" Stoma, 50mm Coupling

Pcs: Two

Type: Standard Wear, Double Layer Adhesive

Stoma Opening: 1-1/8" Pre-Cut Flat

Flange: 50mm

Belt Tabs: No

A revolutionary elastic adhesive sets this pouching system for colostomates apart - ensuring your pouch moves with you as you go about your day.The flexible adhesive coupling fits to individual body contours and maintains a secure seal over uneven abdomens caused by scarring, skin folds, hernias, and other pouching challenges.

  • Skin-friendly double-layer adhesive.
  • Oval shape and flex pattern for extra flexibility.
  • Hygenic, easy-to-use integrated closure.
  • Box of 5