Coloplast 11136 SenSura Click Maxi 11(1/2)" Drainable Pouch with EasiClose WIDE outlet, No Filter, Opaque, Blue, Box of 20

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SenSura� Click two-piece solution combines the unique double layer adhesive with a removable bag. The bag is connected to the baseplate by a mechanical coupling system that gives a reassuring "click" when the bag is securely locked to the baseplate.

  • Two-piece system combines the revolutionary double-layer adhesive for optimal skin friendliness and protection with secure, click-lock technology.
  • The double-layer adhesive is skin friendly and resistant to erosion from stoma output and body fluids.
  • The mechanical coupling allows the bag to rotate to the best position.
  • The cutting guide has clear, blue cutting guides in relevant sizes making it easier to cut the adhesive accurately to ensure a safe seal around the stoma.
  • The removal ear makes it easy to remove the adhesive without leaving residue on the skin.
  • The coupling has been strengthened with a safety ring that gives a reassuring "click" when it is securely locked to the baseplate.
  • The soft, nonwoven fabric is strong and water repellent, making it easier for you to dry the bag after a wash or swim.
  • The wide outlet is easy to empty and clean providing a more hygienic solution for you and eliminating the need to carry extra cleaning accessories.
  • The EasiClose outlet is folded and hidden away without the need for bulky clips.

Box of 20