Coloplast 11855 SenSura Click Uro Two-Piece Urostomy Transparent Maxi Pouch - Red, Box of 10

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Box of 10

SenSura Click Uro MAXI Urostomy Pouch Transparent

- Multi-chambers minimize sloshing
- Wider anti-reflux valves prevent urine from washing over the stoma
- Soft outlet can be connected to urostomy night bag #21365
- Not made with natural rubber latex
Coloplast SenSura® Click

Pcs: Two

Type: Urostomy Multi-Chamber

Flange: 2" Red

Size: 10-3/8" L, 480mL, Maxi

Filter: No

Closure: Anti-Reflux Valve

Backing: Soft cloth Back

Color: Transparent