Coloplast 12472 Assura Non-Convex Extra-Extended Adhesive Skin Barrier with 9(1/2)" Transparent Pouch - Cut-to-fit (3/8)" - 2(1/4)" Urostomy Pouch, Box of 10 pouches and 5 adapters

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One-Piece Urostomy System by Coloplast.

Pcs: One

Type: Extra-Extended Wear Urostomy

Stoma Opening: 3/8" to 2-1/4" Cut-to-Fit, Flat

Size: 9-1/2" L, 265 mL

Filter: No

Closure: Anti-Reflux Valve

Backing: Soft cloth on back

Color: Transparent

Assura® Extra-Extended Wear Urostomy Bags offers one-piece users superior wear time compared to traditional systems. The unique, transparent adhesive provides security and flexibility while preserving the integrity of the surrounding skin. Also, the barrier is highly absorptive and more resistant to erosion.

  • Unique spiral adhesive stays on securely, yet removes gently.
  • The barrier is highly absorptive and more resistant to erosion.
  • The tuck-away tap is hidden when not in use, which prevents rubbing on the leg.
  • Anti-reflux feature prevents fluid from washing back.
  • Includes 5 adapters.
  • Anatomical design
  • Latex free

Box of 10 pouches