Coloplast 14224 Assura Urostomy Multi-Chamber Maxi Opaque Pouch, Green, Box of 10 pouches and 3 adaptors

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Urostomy Pouch by Coloplast.

Pcs: Two

Type: Urostomy Pouch, Multi-Chamber

Stoma Opening: 3/8" to 1-3/8" Cut-to-Fit, Flat

Flange: 1-9/16"

Size: 10-3/4" L

Filter: No

Closure: Anti-Reflux Valve

Backing: Soft Absorbent Backing

Color: Opaque

Belt Tabs: No

A unique and innovative design featuring multiple chambers to provide a more discreet and quiet Urostomy Pouch. Soft moisture-absorbent backing with anti-reflux valve and an audible click locking system. Can be rotated/repositioned for comfort without removing pouch and features a secure outlet closure and simple locking connector for night a drainage bag attachment. Includes 10 adaptors.

  • Unique spiral adhesive especially developed for urostomies.
  • Easy-to-use lock ring for ultimate security.
  • Improved outlet valve: hygienic, secure and ideal for people with limited dexterity.
  • Erosion resistant.
  • Flexible.
  • Leaves no residues.
  • The Assura® Two-Piece system offers a secure lock ring coupling. A “click” signals when the pouch is correctly locked to the barrier and is securely in place.
  • The outlet is made of a very soft and flexible material, preventing it from irritating the leg.
  • The Assura® multichamber pouches are Made of a noise-reducing and odorproof film. Each pouch features a soft fabric on the back of the bag making it more comfortable.
  • The effective anti-reflux valve prevents urine from flowing back to the urostomy thereby reducing the risk of urinary infection and skin problems.
  • Includes 3 adaptors.

Box of 10 pouches