Coloplast 15633 SenSura Convex Light, Standard Wear Barrier with Maxi, Opaque Drainable Pouch, EasiClose WIDE Outlet, Filter - Pre-Cut 1", Box of 10

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One-Piece System by Coloplast.

SenSura offers a double-layered adhesive designed to meet five core needs. The lower layer provides absorption and moisture balance while the upper layer is erosion resistant. The new adhesive formulation also offers optimal adhesion flexibility and ease of removal. The SenSura one-piece pouch includes a new wave filter design and an improved wide outlet.

For optimal wear time, warm the adhesive between your hands and then against your body before applying. Skin-Prep is NOT recommended under SenSura barriers.

Convex Light pre-cut skin barrier with standard wear adhesive and belt loops. Large size 11(1/2)" opaque drainable pouch with new wave filter, soft cloth back and EasiClose WIDE outlet.

Box of 10