Coloplast 2115 Assura Pediatric One-Piece Drainable Pouch, 6", Transparent, Box of 10

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The Assura® Pediatric One-Piece Ostomy Bag provides one-of-a-kind
adhesive that is gentle, providing excellent peristomal protection. Soft
cloth backing on pouches keeps skin cool, dry and free from irritation.
Antireflux valve keeps urine from pooling at the base of the stoma,
preventing peristomal irritation.

  • Spiral-structure adhesive providing optimal adhesion and superior skin protection.
  • Soft front makes the bag even more discreet and comfortable.
  • Self-adhesive closing clip.
  • Two different adhesives layered and rolled into a spiral
    structure combines skin-friendliness and security. The white spiral has
    been optimized for absorption to maintain a normal skin condition. The
    brown spiral has been optimized for adhesion and offers the security
    needed for prolonged wear time.
  • The Assura® pouches are made of a noise-reducing and odorproof
    film. The back of the pouch, resting against the skin, features a lining
    made of extra soft material for comfort and added protection against
    skin irritation.
  • An easy-to-use, self-adhesive soft clip is supplied with the
    pouch. The clip is applied to the pouch outlet, whereupon the outlet is
    rolled upwards around the clip. The ends of the clip are then folded
    back to close the pouch.

Box of 10