Coloplast 5221 Conveen Security+ Self-Sealing Male External Catheter, 21mm, Extra-small, One

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Coloplast® Conveen® Security Male Self-sealing External Catheter with Anti-kink Bulb 21mm Diameter Extra-small Latex-free, Red Color

The Coloplast® Security+ Self Sealing Male External Catheter is nonlatex and features a push ring for secure connection to a leg bag. It also has an antikink bulb to prevent the backflow of urine and the pull-tab enables easy application. The integrated skin-friendly adhesive is gentle, yet stays in place. This catheter is transparent to allow easy monitoring of the skin.

Integrated band of skin-friendly, secure and self-sealing adhesive.
Pull-tab system enables easier, faster application since gloves never come into contact with adhesive.
Unique push ring provides easy and secure connection to drainage bag.
Antikink bulb prevents twisting and kinking that can result in backflow of urine.