Coloplast 7275 Freedom Gizmo - Small, 23 mm, One external catheter

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One catheter

Coloplast® Gizmo® Latex Male External Catheter with Single Sided Adhesive Strip 23mm Diameter Small Size, Twistproof, Two-Piece,

Simple and reliable, this soft, latex catheter comes with a wide, stretchable, single-sided adhesive strap that holds it in place. With a Gizmo catheter you roll the catheter sheath directly onto your penis, then wrap the adhesive strap over the outside of the sheath and no adhesive ever comes into contact with the skin. The catheter's double-thick bulb and stem prevent kinking and twisting for greater comfort and assurance

  • 100% Latex.
  • Pure, soft, natural, latex-reinforced funnel end.
  • No adhesive comes into contact with skin.
  • Twistproof design.
  • Kink-resistant nozzle.