ConvaTec 405478 Esteem synergy Pre-cut Stomahesive Skin Barrier with tape collar, 1(1/4)", Box of 10 barriers

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The Esteem synergy® ostomy system features an innovative adhesive coupling Technology™. Instead of plastic rings, a patented foam adhesive allows the pouch to be securely attached to the skin barrier on a clear plastic “Landing Zone” flange. The result is a low-profile, flexible, two-piece system. Stomahesive® skin barriers are designed to be gentle on peristomal skin.

  • Stomahesive® skin barriers are recommended for people whose stoma output is semi-formed to formed. It holds securely to skin while helping to protect against irritating output.
  • Clear, flexible landing zone securely attaches skin barrier to flexible foam collar of pouch.
  • Skin barrier are avialable with flexible fabric collar, or without a fabric collar, pre-cut and cut-to-fit.


Box of 10 barriers