Convatec 413166 (125971) SUR-FIT Natura Durahesive Flexible Cut-to-fit Wafer, Tan Tape Collar - 4" x 4" Wafer, Flange 1(3/4)" 45 mm., Box of 10

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Pcs: Two

Type: Durahesive® Tape Collar, Extended Wear

Stoma Opening: Cut-to-Fit, Flat

Size: 4" x 4"

Belt Tabs: No

The SUR-FIT® Natura® Ostomy System is a comprehensive product line with our latest skin barrier technologies. The plastic coupling ring allows the pouch and skin barrier to snap together for audible security. Durahesive® skin barriers are designed for people whose stoma output is mostly liquid. Unlike other skin barriers that can breakdown around liquid output, Durahesive® skin barriers swell up or "Turtleneck" to further protect the stoma and peristomal skin.

  • Durahesive® skin barrier provides added protection from liquid ouput. Durahesive® skin barrier will "Turtleneck" or gently swell up and hug the stoma, better protecting the skin around your stoma.
  • Coupling ring provides audible click conforming secure connection to pouch.