Convatec 416926 Natura Post-Op Kit with 411807 SUR-FIT Natura Stomahesive Moldable Skin Barrier, 401995 Low Pressure Adaptor, 416424 Natura Plus 12" Drainable Pouch - Flange 2(3/4)", Stoma 1(1/4)" - 1(3/4)" by 1(3/4)" - 2(1/8)" Mold to Fit, (Blue), 5 kits

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Natura Post-Op Kit includes:

  • One Convatec 411807 SUR-FIT Natura Stomahesive Moldable Skin Barrier with Hydrocolloid Flexible Collar, X-Large, 2(3/4)" Flange, Fits Stoma 1(1/4)" - 1(3/4)" by 1(3/4) - 2(1/8)
  • One Convatec 401995 Low-Pressure Adaptor
  • One Convatec 416424 Natura Plus 12" Drainable Pouch, No Filter, 1-Side Panel, InvisiClose Tail Closure, Transparent - Flange 2(3/4)" (Blue)

The SUR-FIT Natura Low-Pressure Adaptor converts any SUR-FIT Natura ostomy system into a low-pressure solution post-surgery. The product inserts between the SUR-FIT Natura pouch and skin barrier to create enough clearance for fingers to snap the pouch coupling ring into place without applying force directly to the patients abdomen, which may cause pain or trauma to the post-op area. Use of the SUR-FIT Natura Low-Pressure Adaptor should be discontinued when abdominal tenderness subsides. The pouch and skin barrier will connect together without using the Adaptor.

5 kits