Covidien (formerly Kendall) 6206 Curity Anti-Reflux Chamber, Drain Bag, SPLASHGUARD II Spout, CSR Wrap, One

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Oval Shape, 11/32" Diameter Tubing, CSR Wrap, Latex-Free

The Curity™ Drainage Bags are designed for effective urine collection. Each graduated collection bag holds up to 2,000 mL of liquid, has an anti-reflux chamber, the Splashguard II® drain spout, is sterile and latex-free, and has CSR wrap.

  • Safeguard™ needleless sampling port prevents needle sticks.
  • Splashguard II® drain spout prevents urine backsplash.
  • A closed-system aspirating port on the tubing permits repeated fresh urine sampling.