Cymed 58000 MicroSkin Adhesive Barrier, Cut-to-fit up to 1(3/4) inch (45 mm), with MicroDerm thin washer, Box of 5 barriers

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Cymed Two-Piece Cut-to-fit MicroSkin® Adhesive Barrier with 3mm Thin MicroDerm™ Washer cut-to-fit Stoma Opening, Transparent, Durable, Breathable, Waterproof

MicroSkin® is used in all Cymed pouching systems.
It is a transparent, hypoallergenic polyurethane film. MicroSkin® offers a level of comfort and security unmatched by any other product on the market.

  • Thin and elastic so it conforms to your body when you move and stays on
  • Durable and supports the pouch without belts, tapes or additional glues
  • Transparent which allows you to visualize the health of your skin
  • Breathable and moisture-vapor permeable for healthier skin
  • Waterproof comfort backing so that it stays on while showering, swimming or while in hot-tub

Box of 5 barriers