Cymed 85429 8 inch Colostomy Closed-end Pre-sized Pouch with MicrSkin Adhesive Barrier and MicroDerm Thin Washer - 1(1/8) inch (29 mm), Opaque, Box of 15 pouches

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Cymed One-piece Colostomy Closed-end Pouch with MicroSkin Adhesive Barrier and MicroDerm™ Thin Washer 8" L, Pre-cut, Opaque

Cymed provides you with a variety of pouches for every type of ostomy.
All are composed of Cryovak odor-proof material and have a waterproof comfort backing.
Cymed pouches are latex free and are available in either clear or opaque.

  • The Cymed two-piece barrier has a flat pliable universal flange
  • Two-piece pouches attach to the flange with an adhesive seal
  • No hard plastic ring! Cymed two-piece pouches and barriers are interchangeable
  • Drainable: the pouch can be easily emptied by releasing the closure at the bottom of the pouch
  • Size: suitable pouches are available for infants to adults

Box of 15 pouches