Fortis 6200F Entrust Crescent Barrier Extensions with Fortaguard, Box of 30

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Hydrocolloid, Super Thin, Water Resistant, Latex-Free

Fortis Entrust™ crescent barrier extension strips are specially designed to have a strong adhesive but still be gentle to the skin. Three strips placed around the barrier in place of tape to "picture frame" the appliance will give the user additional security and possibly less leaks. Those with hernias may find it helps keep the appliance in place better for longer wear time. Heat from the skin activates the hydrocolloid for an even, secure fit.

  • Made from a hydrocolloid, a trusted wound care product for Wound and Ostomy Nurses (WOCN).
  • Clear to help monitor skin and be able to detect leaks before they are an issue.
  • Three pieces make it easier to place the product, especially to accommodate hernias additional strips can be used if needed for larger areas.
  • Skin friendly, helps maintain healthy skin around stoma.
  • May help eliminate need to use skin protectant.
  • Super thin and stretches allowing for Freedom® of movement without bulk or feeling restrained.
  • Stretches with the skin as it expands and contracts due to hernia or blockage to help keep appliance firmly in place.
  • Can be used under appliance for additional skin protection.
  • Water resistant to help prolong wear time swimming or being active.
  • Easy to remove with wafer / barrier, adhesive remover not usually needed.