Hollister 18904 New Image 9" Transparent Urostomy Pouch, Flange Size 2-3/4 inch (70mm), Blue, Box of 10

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Box of 10 pouches

Pcs: Two

Type: Urostomy

Flange: 2-3/4 inch

Size: 9" L

Filter: No

Backing: One-Sided ComfortWear Panel

Color: Transparent

Closure: Anti-Reflux Valve, Adjustable Drain Valve

Belt Tabs: Yes

New multi-chamber design results in a more balanced collection of urine, and a lower pouch profile. Ultimate in comfort, it's like not wearing a pouch at all. Odor barrier, rustle-free film and ComfortWear panels gives quiet comfort. Security and confidence assured with internal non-reflux valves and a drain valve that allows regulation of flow rate.

  • Multi-chamber design.
  • Improved flow-control valve.
  • Odor barrier rustle-free pouch.
  • ComfortWear panel on body side.
  • Drain valve open/closed (tear drop) indicator.