Hollister 8415 Premier Urostomy Pouch, CeraPlus Skin Barrier, Belt Tabs, Beige - Pre-sized 1-1/8 inch (29mm), Box of 5

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A one-piece, urostomy pouching system featuring the CeraPlus skin barrier with Remois technology* that is infused with ceramide.
Ceramide is a natural component of human skin that helps to decrease transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from damaged or eroded skin.
It is designed to maintain adhesive properties and features a formulation designed to help protect the skin's natural moisture barrier and maintain good peristomal skin health.

The tap is made with soft material and a streamlined shape to help improve comfort against the body.
The pouch features multiple built-in chambers, which are designed to facilitate even distribution of urine.
This results in a balanced collection of urine, and a low pouch profile.
The adapter’s new side tab design helps facilitate ease of use when connecting the pouch to a bedside drainage collection system.


  • Beige with viewing odor-barrier pouch film
  • Pre-sized skin barrier
  • Includes one adapter
  • CeraPlus (extended wear) skin barrier, soft convex
  • Comfortwear panels - body side only
  • Tape border and belt tabs
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Drain valve indicator
  • Multi-chamber design
  • Softer streamlined tap
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Box of 5 pouches