Hollister 9786 Feeding Tube Attachment Device (FTAD), Sterile, Box of 20

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Hollister Feeding Tube Attachment Device Fits 5 to 18 French Tubes, Self Adhesive, Occlusive, Non-Woven Backing

Hollister Feeding Tube Attachment device protects skin and provides patient comfort through advanced hydrocolloid skin care technology. Secures the tube without the use of tape; the product's unique clamp helps prevent tube from kinking or becoming occluded. Prevents nasal irritation and ulceration; the clamp swivels, which permits entry of tube into right or left nasal passage.

  • Occlusive.
  • Absorbs light exudate.
  • Non-woven backing.
  • FlexWear skin barrier.
  • Self adhesive.
Box of 20