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iLEX Skin Protectant Paste is a topical barrier designed to provide soothing, healing relief to patients who suffer from skin breakdown and irritation. iLEX protects chafed skin due to diaper rash and irritated peristomal skin. iLEX is hydro active, and interacts with moist weeping wounds to form an occlusive barrier against digestive and urinary acids enzymes and wound exudates. iLEX is alcohol free so it is safe to use on all skin types, including pediatric and geriatrics. iLEX can be used in conjunction with other prescribed treatment such as topical steroid and antibiotic therapy.

iLEX Skin Protectant Paste can be used for the prevention and treatment of skin irritations and excoriations resulting from a variety of procedures such as ileostomy, colostomy, fistula, G-tube placements, excoriations resulting from pediatric and geriatric incontinence in the perianal region, fecal fistula, surgical and traumatic wounds with drainage causing dermal irritation and skin breakdown. iLEX can be used to protect the skin directly around an ileac stoma at the area of clearance between the stoma and the appliance wafer or face place.

iLEX becomes translucent when applied, allowing you to monitor the rapid progress that treatment with iLEX will achieve. iLEX is formulated with Gantrez, a patented polymer with a distinct ability to adhere to wet/moist areas. An outer coating of petrolatum jelly or A&D Ointment is recommended when using iLEX, so that incontinence clean-up leaves the iLEX application intact. Gentle removal of iLEX is easy with a gauze wipe soaked in mineral oil, which lessens the risk of damage to healing skin. When using iLEX beyond the perimeter of the stoma for ostomy care, an adjunct adhesive spray should be applied over the iLEX to assist with the adhesion of the ostomy appliance.

Clean the skin surrounding the stoma as directed by the ET nurse or Physician per protocol. Use the least amount of strokes to spread the iLEX as possible. If iLEX starts to become granulated, apply a little more over the existing layer. The amount used will vary the needs of each patient. Apply a light layer of iLEX directly around the stoma and irritated areas at each adhesion of the appliance. iLEX provides a tight seal at the site of the stoma and protect the area of clearance between the stoma, and the appliance wafer or face plate, thus keeping the digestive enzymes from contacting the skin. Its soothing properties will often provide immediate relief from discomfort during the appliance changes, allowing for better skin care and patience compliance in the management of their home care. Do not attempt to forcible remove any remaining residue of iLEX on the excoriated areas. This residue should be left in place as not to injure sensitive and weeping tissue. Simply apply iLEX over the remaining residue. iLEX Skin Protectant Paste should be applied at each appliance change directly around the perimeter of the stoma to protect the skin from urinary, or digestive enzymes from contacting the skin in the sensitive area.

iLEX Skin Protectant Paste has proven to be a valuable asset in treating and preventing irritations resulting from G-tube placement and fecal fistula. iLEX is hydro active and protects the skin against gastric acids, and enzymes commonly associate with these procedures.
Clean the skin surrounding these areas as directed by the ET nurse or Physician or per protocol, then follow the basic procedure as described for use with ostomies. iLEX Skin Protectant Paste can also be used to protect and treat irritations resulting from wound exudates. Spread a layer of iLEX around the perimeter of the wound. If a dressing is used, apply a coating of petroleum jelly over the iLEX to prevent dressing from sticking. Dressing changes and their frequency will depend on the type of wound, their treatment prescribed, and the treatment regimen. iLEX Skin Protectant Paste can also be used to maintain prescribed topical medications to wounds to form an occlusive dressing, while providing a moist healing environment. It protects against external bacteria. Apply prescribed medication to wound, then coat with a layer of iLEX, followed by a coating of petroleum jelly, then apply the dressing.

iLEX Skin Protectant Paste provides an effective barrier against the devastating effects of urine and feces in the peri-anal region. iLEX contains no alcohol, and will adhere to denuded weeping tissues, without discomfort to the patient. iLEX is especially effective in the pediatric patient where systemic absorption of toxic substances such as alcohol are contraindicated. iLEX may be used in conjunction with prescribed topical agents such as antifungal and antibacterial, that must be maintained and protected on the site being treated. A coating of petroleum jelly should be applied over iLEX in the perianal area or prevent the gluteal crease and the diaper from sticking. When cleansing , only the petroleum jelly should be wiped off, leaving the iLEX intact. Do not forcibly try to remove any iLEX that has adhered to the skin. You may reapply additional iLEX, then reapply the petroleum jelly. This procedure should minimize any trauma to the already irritated skin.

Clean the perianal area with a mild antibacterial soap and inspect for signs of underlying fungal infection. If the fungal infection is present apply an antifungal powder to the area being treated, and follow with the application of iLEX Skin Protectant Paste. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly over the iLEX to prevent sticking to the gluteal crease and the diaper. After each stool, wipe off the petroleum jelly only, while leaving the iLEX intact, and simply reapply petroleum jelly over the iLEX. As the denuded areas heal, iLEX may be cleaned with a mild antibacterial soap. This procedure may also be used treating the geriatric patient.

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