Marlen 53541 UltraMax Drainable Shallow Convex Pouch, AquaTack Hydrocolloid Barrier, Kwick-Klose Fastener, 1(5/8)", Opaque, Box of 5

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Marlen UltraMax™ Drainable Pouches come with AquaTack™ Hydrocolloid Barrier and Kwick-Klose™ II Fastener.

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maximum cushioned comfort
  • Opaque-backed with Kwick-View™ feature
  • Pre-Cut Shallow Convexity
  • Ease of a disposable system
  • Odor-proof pouch material
  • Quiet, built-in comfort covers facing the body
  • Leak-proof for added protection and security
  • Extra-large drainage spouts for easy emptying
  • For ileostomies and colostomies

Box of 5