Marlen 53670 SuperFlat MiniMax Drainable Pouch, AquaTack Hydrocolloid Barrier, Kwick-Klose Fastener, Cut-to-Fit, Opaque Backing with Filter, Box of 5

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Marlen SuperFlat™ MiniMax Drainable Pouch with Aquatack Hydrocolloid Barrier and Kwick-Klose Fastener

  • 30% smaller than standard size drainable pouch
  • Marlen's flattest, most discreet pouch ever
  • 50% thinner than a standard flange
  • Advantages of a one-piece system
  • Opaque backing with filter
  • Cut-To-Fit Flat (no Convexity)
  • Odor-proof material
  • Quiet, built-in comfort cover facing the body
  • Leak-proof for added protection and security
  • For Ileostomies and Colostomies
  • Features Marlen Kwick-Klose™ Fastener

Box of 5