McKesson 1765725 Skin Barrier Strip Mold to Fit, Standard Wear Adhesive without Tape Without Flange Universal System Hydrocolloid 1/2 Curve 1 Inch W

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  • McKesson Skin Barrier Strips - 1/2 Arc
  • Keeps the pouch secure and protects the peristomal skin
  • Water-resistant surface with gentle, highly absorbent hydrocolloid adhesive soaks up exudate and allows for use when swimming, bathing, etc.
  • Pre-cut, pre-shaped strip with high-tack adhesion for easy application
  • Curved strip with 1/2-arc shape to conveniently -picture-frame- the flange
  • Thin-edge, no roll-up design enhances comfort and helps the strips stay smooth against the skin to allow for freedom of movement
  • Can be used directly on the skin as barrier under the pouching system
  • Can be used over the pouch to secure the system in place
  • Easy and gentle removal protects the skin from trauma caused by repetitive removal of tapes/adhesives
  • Ideal for patients with tape allergies or irritation
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Late