Ostomy Solutions BLW Better Life Large White Ostomy Belt fits 40 - 45 inch waist, One belt

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Ostomy Belts by Ostomy Solutions. Fits 40" - 45" waist.

The Better Life Ostomy Belt is worn along with your present ostomy pouch and is compatible with ostomy appliances from all manufacturers. Adaptable for either right side or left side stoma locations, it can be used with both one or two piece ostomy pouches. As you will notice in the picture above, you will be wearing your pouch attached in a horizontal position while wearing the Better Life Ostomy Belt. Although you now wear your pouch hanging down in a vertical position we find that that this works just fine. Think of it this way; you spend approximately one-third of your day resting or sleeping during which time your pouch is not in that vertical position yet is still functional. The key is to not allow the pressure of the filling contents of the pouch to build so much as to compromise your pouch's seal resulting in leakage. While wearing the Better Life Ostomy Belt your pouch is completely enclosed within the pocket area of the belt supporting the weight of the pouch as it is fills. The material enclosing the pouch within the pocket is very stretchy and allows the pouch to expand without restriction. Restriction to the filling pouch will mostly come from the clothes you are wearing and that occurs whether the pouch is horizontal or vertical. Just empty your pouch when it's about one-third full as is normally recommended. The Better Life Ostomy Belt does not have to be removed to access your pouch to empty and when you remove the end of your pouch from the pocket of the belt and point downward to empty you will find that it reaches down almost as far as when your pouch is worn vertically. Try it !

Feel great about your appearance and participate in all of life's activities. You won't know how you ever got along without it!

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